Ladies Only

Focusing on Safety, Handling, Shooting, Cleaning and use for self-defense

Ladies Only

Learn Safety, Handling, Shooting, Cleaning and use for Self-Defense

Learn at your own pace

Increase your knowledge of firearms

Become safe, comfortable, and proficient with firearms

Learn beside your peers... women of all skill levels

Pistols and Pearls Society

About our organization

We are a group of women from Bastrop and surrounding counties who are interested in the many facets of gun ownership. Our Mission/ Vision/ Purpose is to provide a comfortable environment for women to learn the basics of handguns: safety, handling, shooting, handgun use for self-defense, competition, to receive your LTC, and whatever else the members are interested in learning about firearms.

Why Join

  • Safety and Education
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Opportunity to shoot regularly
  • Learn among your peers
  • Positive learning environment

Class Examples

  • Stance, Grip, Sight
  • Night shooting
  • Moving targets
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Trigger control

It's Easy To Join

  • Do a little background check
  • Complete four forms
  • Membership is only $60/year

We have two levels of classes: Advanced, which is held on the 1st Saturday of the month and Beginners, which is held on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Each class is conducted by a very knowledgeable, certified instructor. We primarily use a private range in Rosansky.

Our group is for women only and you must be a member to take advantage of all the club activities. Most classes are free, except we do ask for a small donation for use and maintenance of the shooting range. We are a member of the NRA and the owner of the range is a certified instructor for LTC licensing.

Classes for Everyone


These classes are designed for those who are considering buying a firearm to those who want to become more familiar with their firearm. Our focus will be safety, trigger control, stance and much more.

Training for all levels

Offered are both range and classroom classes. Advanced members have the option to also participate in Beginner classes.


Once you are comfortable with your firearm and pass a test to Advanced, you will start training on more difficult maneuvers. Some examples are multiple attackers, moving targets, clearing a room, etc.

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