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Each class is conducted by a qualified NRA certified instructor. We primarily use a private range located in Rosansky. Indoor classes are mostly held at the Sheriff's office in Bastrop.

Membership is open to women only. The cost of membership is $60.00/year due by January 31st, $5.00 less each month thereafter.  To join, you must have a clean criminal record. IF you can legally own a gun, your membership application will likely be accepted.

There are 6 things we need to get your membership started:

  1. A completed Application for Membership 
  2. A completed Release and Hold Harmless form
  3. A signed Photos Release form
  4. A signed Range Rules acknowledgement
  5. A background check from Texas Dept of Public Safety ( OR a copy of a current valid Texas LTC license OR a copy of a valid Texas law enforcement agency ID card (local, county or State of Texas)
  6. A check in the amount of $60 for membership dues. This will be a yearly membership fee due between January 1st to January 31st of each year. Please put a reminder in your calendar!

All forms can be found below.

You will need Adobe PDF reader software to view and print the forms. If you do not have Adobe PDF Reader software, you may download it for free here:

Once you have completed the necessary paperwork, mail ALL paperwork together to:

Pistols and Pearls Society

PO Box 1119

Bastrop TX 78602

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